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Medical Care Beyond Your Doctor’s Prescription

We provide complete and personalized Pharmacy and Travel Healthcare Services all under one roof, with a genuine dedication to every single one of our clients. We offer services ranging from travel advice, vaccination and consultation, pharmacist prescriptions and prescription refills, and all sorts of healthcare services from a big chain drugstore to pharmaceuticals.

Your Destination for Personalized Pharmacy & Travel Healthcare Services

Revive Pharmacy is dedicated to providing our clients with tailored and comprehensive Travel Pharmacy Services in Calgary. We are committed to delivering personalized care and attention to each and every one of our customers. Our services encompass a broad range of offerings, including travel advice, vaccination and consultation services, pharmacist-prescribed medications, and prescription refills, among many other healthcare services.

With us, expect a unique experience beyond traditional pharmacy services.

We are a team of dedicated healthcare professionals committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and high-quality pharmaceutical products.

Professional Service

Our aim is to support patients in achieving better health outcomes and elevating the overall quality of the healthcare services they receive.

Certified Healthcare Professional

Our team of highly trained pharmacists is committed to delivering personalized service and expert advice to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. We are dedicated to providing high-quality care and support to help our patients achieve optimal health outcomes.

“Revive Pharmacy: Dedicated to Your Health and Wellness”

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Find the Right Medication for You

Choosing the right pharmacy can help ensure that you receive quality care, convenience, cost savings, and excellent customer service.

Quality of Care

A reputable pharmacy will have qualified and licensed pharmacists.


A pharmacy that offers online ordering and home delivery can save you time and hassle.

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service to help you feel confident and informed about your medications.

What we offer

Your one-stop solution for all your health needs - Calgary pharmacy services that you can trust.

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Free Home Delivery

Receive your prescription medication or other pharmacy items at your doorstep without any additional delivery fees.

Vaccination Services

Protect yourself from dangerous diseases and stay healthy all year round by getting your vaccinations and immunizations!

No Waiting Time

In a hurry? Receive your medication immediately, without having to wait in a queue!

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Need More Help?

At Revive Pharmacy, we’re focused on providing outstanding customer service and ensuring you’re happy with our pharmacy services.


Are you diabetic? At Revive Pharmacy, our pharmacists offer you personalized support and guidance to ensure you have total control of your condition.

Flu Shots

Feeling under the weather? We offer flu shots that will help you recover from the flu in no time and prevent spreading the illness to others.

Blood Pressure

Looking for a way to monitor your blood pressure? Our skilled pharmacists can check your blood pressure, educate you, and provide the necessary equipment.

Safe Travels Start Here

Stay Protected with Revive Pharmacy Travel Pharmacy Services in Calgary

At Revive Pharmacy in Calgary, we believe that safe travels start with comprehensive travel services. Our experienced staff will provide vaccination recommendations, medication reviews, and consultations to help you stay protected on your trip. We also offer COVID-19 vaccinations to ensure that you can travel safely and confidently.


What They Say About Us

Hekmat Gallad
Hekmat Gallad
I am so so Lucky to have revive pharmacist in my neighbourhood, They are very friendly and very helpful, thank you so much sherine and Dana Thank you so much .
Chantelle Van Eecke
Chantelle Van Eecke
Absolutely amazing team. They truly care about you and go above and beyond!
Al Scott
Al Scott
This is an awesome local business. The staff, Shereen in particular, is very friendly and extremely helpful. I recommend everyone living or working nearby should definitely do business with these awesome people .
Aaron Wyman
Aaron Wyman
The team here is fantastic. They know me when I walk in and generally based on timing know why I am there. They have been involved in my care and making sure I am on the path to recovery. I have also has an assortment of vaccines and shots here and all has gone well. Regards, Aaron
Dave Custer
Dave Custer
It is so nice to greeted with a friendly face and a warm smile. The personalized service of this Pharmacy is second to none. A big thank you to Shareen and all the staff!!
Knowledgeable, cheerful, and compassionate care. Shereen and the staff at Revive have been patient and kind when they were faced with the pressures of rapid test kit shortages and high vaccination demand. I am so impressed with the quality of care I continue to receive from this neighbourhood pharmacy. Whether concerned about COVID or meds that have been prescribed for me, the staff always takes the time to listen, answer questions, and make research based recommendations. Most of all I have appreciated knowing that I will always be treated with respect and care. Thank you Revive!

Trust our pharmacists for expert care and personalized support.

Our pharmacists are dedicated to helping you live a healthy life.

Quality Service

With their expertise in medication and healthcare, they work closely with you to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment for your needs.

Medication Management

Our pharmacists provide valuable information and resources to help you manage your health effectively, from medication management to disease prevention.

Guidance and Support

With their guidance and support, you can feel confident that you are on the path to a healthier, happier life.

Your Trusted Pharmacy

We strive to be more than just a pharmacy; we are your partner in health and wellness. Trust us to provide you with the quality care and attention you deserve.

Revive Pharmacy

Our pharmacy offers personalized care and convenient opening hours to fit your busy lifestyle. Our knowledgeable pharmacists are always available to assist you with your medication needs.

Revive Rx Pharmacy & Travel Clinic

We’re here to help you! Contact us today to learn more about our services, get your medication questions answered, or provide us with feedback.

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We’re here to help you! Contact us today to learn more about our services, get your medication questions answered, or provide us with feedback.

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